"Sea of Data"

What the world will look like this October is hard for us to predict. What we can do is organize an online PrivacyWeek that lives up to the claim of being a safe harbor and compass for anyone who find themselves lost in the sea of data.

Statement by the #pw21 team regarding the Austrian Big Brother Awards 2021 (GER)


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Date: October 25-31 2021
Motto: „Datenmeer“
Location: Online only

As every year, we will be hosting a full week of lectures, workshops, art projects, and discussion panels on the topics:
– privacy
– digitalization
– how technology affects society
– data protection
– net politics

about us

What is Privacy-Week?

Low Barrier
Privacy Week is a seven day event pledged to offering low threshhold access to knowledge by offering a platform for knowledge exchange between experts and the interested public.

Honorary Capacity
All of us from the Chaos Computer Club are volunteering, as is the Club's tradition, and have been working in our free time to offer you, as every year, this full week of talks, workshops, art projects and discussion rounds. Many take the week off, and when we started six years ago they would travel extra to Vienna just to be able to help. 2020 as well as 2021 we're sitting in front of our screen scattered all over Europe, but we're still meeting in our online headquarter to offer this full fledged PrivacyWeek.

Non Profit
Donations from small organizations as well as from private donors enable us to offer access to this years PrivacyWeek completly free for all.

Beyond PrivacyWeek
Most of our talks and discussion panles will be available after the event under CC-BY-0 on the internet.

We <3 Privacy
since 2016
Together for a full week of events

Help Us!

Support Us

Access to #pw21 is free for all on the net. This is made possible by a team of volunteers working with full committment to give you a week of conference on a professional level. And because we're receiving material and financial support from donors.

Become an Angel

The team of #pw21 is always glad for help. Here, too, we try to offer low threshhold access to helping us out – including online. Find the info desk button on the streaming site for more information or contact us our social media channels Twitter or Mastodon bei uns.

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Privacy Week And The Media

PrivacyWeek is an event with the declared intention of offering low threshhold access to knowledge as well as offering a point of easy exchange between experts and the interested public. In this, we're doing an important social part for information security and privacy. We're always thrilled when the media call attention to our events.

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