PrivacyWeek is completely organized by volunteers. A lot of helping people even take vacation from their day jobs to make this conference possible.
You want to be part of PrivacyWeek and help as an angel? That’s possible even for non-german speakers. There are some angel tasks that can be done without understanding or speaking german. In our team we want to make you as welcome as possible.
You can find a short introduction in english in our Wiki.
Sign up for the Engelsystem online and join us for the final introduction meeting on Sunday, October 24, 2021, starting at 1 PM.
BigBlueButton Meetup:

Like all events of the Chaos Computer Club, PrivacyWeek is organized and carried out exclusively by volunteers. Many hardworking helpers, called "angels", have taken a week of vacation to make the conference come true again this year.

Do you also want to help and participate as a helping angel at #pw21? Maybe you want to operate the video mixer yourself? Or sit at the virtual info desk and help people? Welcome! Here you'll find the most important information for you.

There will be a training session for all angel roles.Chat with experienced angels, find out all the tips and tricks and try it out yourself, without any outside pressure. See you there! When: on both Sat Oct 23rd & Sun Oct. 24th (that's the weekend before #pw21) at 1:00 pm (13:00) Where: ab 13 Uhr) wird es Einschulungstermine für alle Engelrollen geben. Hier kannst du dir von erfahrenen Engeln die einzelnen Engelrollen und ihre Aufgaben erklären lassen und selbst ohne Druck in die Tätigkeitsbereiche reinschnuppern. Sei dabei!

General Information

PrivacyWeek is an event completely organized and run by volunteers. This means more or less all of us, and we're doing this because the topics are important to us and we want them to be spread around to the broader public. If this also applies to you, then you're very welcome to join our team!

How does it work?

  • Register in the angel system (see below)
  • Read through the possible angel roles and register for the roles you can imagine taking on. (For some types of angels, e.g. moderation or translation, there are separate teams. If you would like to participate, please contact the respective contact person.)
  • As soon as we have set the schedule for the event, the angel shifts will be created in the system (you will receive a notification via email). You choose your angel shift and sign up for it.
  • About 10 minutes before your shift, you log into the appropriate system (mostly Mumble and Jitsi) and then run your shift on your own computer, wherever you are.
  • An FAQ page with frequently asked questions can be found in the Wiki. This is updated on a regular basis. Diese wird laufend aktualisiert.

What's Needed as Technology?

  • e-mail address
  • internet connection (as fast as possible)
  • Mumble (native app or in web browser:
  • browser (Chromium recommended:
  • headset with microphone
  • webcam (for moderation)
  • quiet working environment (for moderation or participation in angel Mumble)
  • recommended: Riot/Matrix/Element account, although there is an IRC bridge this year
    • If you don't have a Matrix account yet, you can create one for free via This service is provided by people close to C3W. Advantage: If the server is overloaded, your account will not be affected. möglich. Dieser Dienst wird von C3W-nahen Personen bereitgestellt. Vorteil: Bei Überlastung des ist dein davon nicht betroffen.


Registration in the Angel System

  • At you can register for our angel system. There you'll find the description of all the different angel roles and also the shift plan.
    • If you have any questions in advance, please send them
      • by e-mail to
      • or via Matrix/Riot/Element at
      • or via Rocket Chat at @jinxx or via the PrivacyWeek channel:
  • Once you've registered in the angel system you'll receive a confirmation and further general updates to the email address that you gave during registration. We only store this email address for the duration of the event and follow-up, and will only use it to send you information regarding your involvement with #pw21.
  • If you provide us with a Matrix/Riot/Element account in addition to your email address, we will be happy to invite you to the #pw21 angel chat room.

Primary Communication Channels

  • Angel system (
  • #pw21 Angel Chat in Matrix/Riot/Element
  • Mumble (how-to-mumble: You will receive the access data to our Mumble server after your registration in the angel system. Die Zugangsdaten zu unserem Mumble-Server erhältst du nach deiner Registrierung im Engelsystem.

Order Your Angel T-Shirt

As a thank you for your support at #pw21 you have the possibility to order the limited angel t-shirt for free. For the purchase price, angels also receive the official merch t-shirts, zip-hoodies and bags and you can also order a zip-hoodie with the angel motif for an additional fee. There'll be more information available on how (and what) to order after your registration in the angel system.

Angel Roles

During our first online-only PrivacyWeek, #pw20, we have already gained a trove of experience. However, there may still be some changes regarding the angel roles during the preparation of the event. Currently, we are planning to run #pw21 with the following roles:

  • moderation: interface between orga, angels, presenters and audience
  • direction/editing (content control)
  • video and audio mixer (video direction): operation of the Jitsi-Meet and video infrastructure
  • stream check
  • speaker support in advance (technical check) – approx. 1 week before (as a test offer for the setup and the software)
  • speaker support during the event – directly before the talk to test the voice quality, etc.
  • IT Support: troubleshooting
  • admin (Ops): support of the infrastructure
  • "virtual info desk" (tasks of the presence info desk: answering questions, supporting the audience, being present)
  • translation (mostly German to English, sometimes the other way round)
  • chat moderation (receive questions, prepare and order questions, answer organizational questions)
  • signal angel: manage social media channels, prepare questions from social media and pass them on to the moderator
  • workshop chairperson (workshop room management, Big Blue Button)